excessive gas

Subtle Butt: excessive gas neutralizers

Excessive Gas has many causes and few solutions.

Your excessive gas is most likely to be caused by a food allergy. Wheat and soy are the top foods that people don't know they're allergic to. In fact, allergy isn't even the right word. It's more like intolerance. Your body can't process these foods, so doesn't digest them. The result is gas. So if you're like most Americans, eating too much bread, and allergic to wheat then you're going to have excessive gas. It's the same thing with soy or any other food that your body is sensitive to. It makes you gassy if your body can't digest it.

While the best solution is to not eat whatever it is that is giving you the excessive gas, it takes time to narrow down what food you're sensitive to and it isn't always possible to avoid trigger foods.

In this case, you need Subtle Butt: disposable gas neutralizers. It's an activated carbon patch that sticks to your underwear and neutralizes odors caused by flatulence. It won't stop gas from happening, but it will stop the ugly consequences and enable you to ride in elevators or nosh at cocktail parties without being worried.

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excessive gas